Yamal Air Transport Company gets rid of L-410s

Photo by Yamal Air Transport Company

Russia’s Yamal aviation transport company (98.2% owned by Yamalo-Nenetsk Autonomous Region’s government) is selling its two L-410UVP-E20 aircraft, an airline’s spokesperson confirmed to Russian Aviation Insider. The 19-seat turboprop aircraft, produced by Czech Aircraft Industries, does not fit into the carrier’s development strategy, he said.

As per May sales offer, the price of each aircraft is 135 million rubles (about $2 million). “That’s the aircraft’s depreciation value with the lessor,” the source commented. “It’s possible to re-issue the leasing contract with the new operator.”

The two L-410UVP-E20s (tail numbers RA-67015 and RA-67016, S.N. 2805 and 2804, accordingly) built in 2011 with Walter M601E engines were leased by Yamal ATC through Western-Siberian Leasing company in  May 2012.

Although the two aircraft are up for sale, Yamal ATC keeps operating them on flights from Salekhard to Nadym (ca. 300 km) and Tarko-Sale (545 km). They fly in average 60-80 hours per month each. “The aircraft are in good condition, there have been no incidents, no damage. The paint is intact, and the interiors are perfect,” the source assured.

Phasing out the L-410UVP-E20s will not effect the air connection within the region, some of the flights will be taken over by local rotorcraft operator with the similar name, Yamal airlines, which operates a feet of over 40 helicopters.

“In our region the L-410s have proven impractical. Most traffic is taken care of by the [Mil] Mi-8 [helicopters]. If we sell the aircraft, we won’t have to support an entire squadron with extra overhead costs for operating the two L-410s. We have Boeing 737, Airbus A320, Bombardier CRJ200 in our fleet. We’re also getting ready to start operating SSJ100s. So there’s no need for the smaller aircraft,” Yamal’s spokesperson concluded.

Yamal ATC is not the only Russian operator of this type. Five L-410UVP-E20s are operated by KrasAvia in Krasnoyarsk, seven – by Orenburzhye in Orenburg, four- by Komiaviatrans, three by Kamchtka Aviation Enterprise, and three more carriers have two aircraft each in their fleets.



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