Wings of the Future 2018 forum will help to re-shape the industry

Wings forum Wings of the Future brings together more than 550 industry decision-makers to Russia from 20 countries in Europe, the CIS, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas (ATO Events)

Wings of the Future 2018, the 16th occurrence of Russia’s eminent annual air transport event, which brings together key industry figures from across Russia, the CIS and neighbouring countries, is ready to kick off in Moscow on November 14 and 15.

The agenda for this year’s convention focuses on examining the ‘new generation’ of decision-making strategies for the new age of air travel, says forum organiser, Moscow-based aviation consultancy and events specialist ATO Events.

“Non-linear changes and crescent infoglut – these are the typical challenging realities the world is inhabiting today, where legacy patterns are driving inefficiencies. The industry increasingly needs new, proactive strategies and there are ever more questions that don’t have readily available answers. Maintaining situational awareness in this growing turbulence is becoming a real challenge. So that is why we think that exploring these situations with the professional community is an opportunity not to be missed,” states an ATO Events spokesman.

The organisers insist that their objective is to proffer an agenda “which helps identify and filter off the interferences and provides the industry with waypoints” – one which will be instrumental in the development of new market strategies.

The list of ‘hot issues’ which the organisers have identified as key elements for the forum’s agenda, include the future of the industry, from forecasts to visions; the way legacy airline models are transforming; and how creative innovations can change airline, airport and MRO businesses. Special emphasis will be given to the air travel market within Russia and the CIS, including its perspectives and its specific challenges, and to managing the issue of human resources.

“A global transformation of the commercial airline industry is unravelling in front of our eyes,” the ATO Events statement continues. “Consumers born and grown up in the Internet era no longer respond to an archaic travel environment which was formed largely in the middle of the previous century. Instead, they now demand and expect what has become a standard for them: readily accessible Wi-Fi everywhere, user-friendly and flexible payment services, a way to have direct and constructive dialogue with service providers, and barrier-free control systems, including security checks.

“The new generation of travellers is reluctant to embrace the conventional tourism industry, which is becoming extinct.” This ‘global transformation’, as the organisers call it, generates hundreds of awkward questions for an industry that is trying to re-shape its future today.

Wings of the Future is the largest such platform in Russia and eastern Europe that offers executives and experts in the commercial aviation industry an opportunity for open, professional dialogue. This year the organisers expect to welcome in excess of 550 decision-makers from some 20 countries in Europe, the CIS, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas.

Recognising the value of the new wave of professional talent currently shaping the future of the industry, the organisers have decided to launch the Wings of the Future Award, in response to the achievements and contributions of young professionals from airline and airport businesses.

The convention traditionally enjoys the support of Russia’s Air Transport Operator Association and the International Airport Association. Further details about the agenda and the venue are available at


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