UVT-Aero pulls off profit in 2016

UVT-Aero, the new airline of Tatarstan replaces the defunct Ak Bars Aero, and aims at becoming the main carrier in the Volga Region UVT-Aero, the new airline of Tatarstan replaces the defunct Ak Bars Aero, and aims at becoming the main carrier in the Volga Region (Photo by UVT-Aero)


UVT-Aero made a profit in the first six months of 2016, according to the Tatarstan-based carrier’s general director, Pyotr Trubayev. The airline, which was founded on and picked up the service of the defunct Ak Bars Aero, managed to take in 70 million rubles ($1.1 million) in the first half of the year. Now, according to the general director’s August 17 announcement, the airline holds 33th place among the Federal Air Transport Agency’s list of 100 Russian airlines by financial standards.

In a year, the company operated more than 4 thousand flights, carrying more than 150,000 passengers. The carrier, by offering lower prices, managed to pull itself ahead of its competition, which includes the airlines RusLine, Severstal and IrAero.

The airline operates on routes to more than 20 destinations within Russia, including several unique routes on which it is the sole operator. These include a route from UVT-Aero’s main base in Kazan to its other  base airport in Bugulma, located in Southeast Tatarstan. The airline also operates subsidized flights. This year it received 630 million rubles ($9.9 million) for operating 11 subsidized routes.

The subsidized flights carry a passenger load of just 56%, while the load aboard fully commercial flights reaches 70%.

UVT-Aero aims to develop its subsidy program, while also looking to expand its route network, first to other CIS countries, and then, eventually, to countries outside the CIS. Its main objective today is to become the leading airline operating within the Volga Federal District.

The airline’s predecessor Ak Bars Aero carried out more than 80% of its subsidized flights within the Volga District, operating Cessna 208s. UVT-Aero does not have such aircraft in its fleet, an has no plans of introducing them. Instead, it plans to increase the number of Bombardier CRJ200 to 8. The carrier also operates Bell-429 helicopters.

The airline, which was created with support from Tatneft, Tatarstan oil company, began regular service in July of last year, when its fleet consisted of three CRJ 200s.

At the end of the first six months of this year, 80,000 passengers used the UVT-Aero’s service.

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