Tbilisi Airport to expand terminal area by 50%

The area of the existing terminal at Tbilisi measures 25,000 sq. m. The area of the existing terminal at Tbilisi measures 25,000 sq. m. (Photo by Gvilava / Wikipedia)

Tbilisi Airport, in the capital of Georgia, will build an extension to its passenger terminal, which will expand the terminal’s total floor area from the existing 25,000 sq. m., by 10,180 sq. m. Business Georgia newswire cites the country’s Minister for Economy and Sustainable Development Dmitriy Kumsishvili, that the corresponding agreement has been reached by the government of Georgia and the Turkish company TAV Urban Georgia, the airport’s operator.

According to the document signed last year, the terminal expansion would be triggered when the airport’s annual traffic exceeded 1.8 million passengers. Georgia’s Civil Aviation Agency’s data shows that last year the airport increased its traffic 17.3% YOY to 1.847 million passengers. The terminal expansion will extend the airport’s capacity to 3.5 million passengers.

The extension plan shows 40 check-in counters and waiting areas, measuring 1,000 sq. m. in the departure zone and 1,213 sq. m. in arrivals. The building will be equipped to service international flights.

No exact date for the start of construction has been announced. Earlier, Democracy & Freedom Watch mentioned that the project was expected to start in the spring of 2016 and would carry on for about a year.

The existing terminal has 25 check-in counters, 32 passport control booths and three baggage belts. There are four gates and three jet bridges.

TAV Urban Georgia became the airport’s operator in 2005, and its contract lasts until 2027. The company also manages Batumi Airport.



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