Sukhoi expects to reach SSJ100 breakeven in 2016

The stretched version of the Sukhoi Superjet aircraft, the SSJ 100SV, will be certified in 2018 and enter service in 2019, according to a new Sukhoi Civil Aircraft (SCAC) business-plan recently approved by parent company United Aircraft Corp. (UAC).

The stretched version of the regional aircraft will seat 110-125 passengers, against the current 103 passengers in all-economy layout. SCAC is counting on selling no less than 140 aircraft until 2031, UAC’s president Yuri Slyusar said.

Notably this marks the first time SCAC officials name a specific date for the SSJ100SV, although the news that SCAC is developing a stretched version has been spread since this year’s Paris Air Show. In June SCAC’s chief-designer’s deputy Alexander Dolotovsky told journalists that the stretched variant will have a new wing with a higher aspect ratio for improved lift. At that point the stretched version program was at preliminary design stage, and high-speed wind tunnel tests had just started.

According to the new business-plan, SCAC expects to sell the total of 595 SSJ 100s of various modifications by 2031, including those aircraft already in service, the number of which now stands at 56. Besides the stretched version, the forecast includes 82 base version aircraft, 331 long-range version and 42 corporate version (Sukhoi Business Jet, SBJ) aircraft. Of the latter version, sixth aircraft is being assembled and is scheduled to fly early next year. This aircraft is fitted with auxiliary fuel tanks for 6,000 km range.

Speaking of the financial side of the business-plan, Slyusar mentioned reaching breakeven point and positive operational revenue in 2016. By 2017 the OEM expects the net profit to reach RUR 6.9 bln (US $125.5 mln).

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