SSJ100’s stretched version tested for extended life

Photo by TsAGI

The Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) has commenced endurance testing of the stretched version of  Sukhoi Superjet 100, Sukhoi Civil Aircraft (SCAC) announced in a statement. The SSJ 100LR model (S.N. 95075) fuselage, outer wings and empennage, delivered to TsAGI a year ago, were assembled prior to testing.

The tests aim at validating the aircraft’s design service life of 70,000 flight hours and 54,000 cycles. Before the tests the confirmed (certified) figures stood at 9,000 hrs and  6,000 cycles.

As SCAC’s chief designer Vladimir Lavrov explained earlier, all of the aircraft’s structural elements will be put to test, which will simulate all flight stages, including in turbulent conditions. Besides, the tests will prove the accuracy of the SSJ 100LR’s periodic maintenance program.

In contrast to the SSJ 100 base version (RRJ-95B), the long range version (RRJ-95LR-100) is certified for more optimal use of fuel tanks capacity, which results in the max take-off weight increase by 3,570 kg to 49,450 kg.

Increase in take-off weight led to the standard PowerJet SaM146 engine’s thrust improvement by 5%. The aircraft’s range is 4,578 km against the base version’s 3,048 km.

The stretched version of Russia’s new generation regional jet was certified by Russian authorities in 2013. The model is expected to receive EASA type certificate in the nearest future.

The only operator of the type so far is Russian Gazpromavia airline, which has ten SSJ 100LRs in its fleet. The backlog includes orders from Yamal, Buryat Airlines, Yakutia airlines and the Russian EMERCOM.

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