SKAT UAV sets altitude record

The SKAT 640 4G TERRA could be useful to mountain climbers The UAV was tested in the Himalayas (SKAT Systems)

SKAT Systems, a Russian company, is premiering its SKAT 640 4G TERRA UAV at the MAKS show. The “flying wing” tailless design is powered by an electric motor.

SKAT told Russian Aviation Insider that the UAV is primarily designed for monitoring roles. The aircraft is already in production and in service, with potential applications spanning both the military and civil sectors. The UAV was recently test-flown in the Himalayas, setting the world altitude record for light manned aircraft weighing up to 1 ton. The vehicle climbed to 9,333 m. The designers stress that an unmodified production UAV was used for setting this record.

The tests “confirmed the aerodynamic model’s stability, high maneuverability, and controllability in adverse conditions.”

SKAT General Director Sergey Belyuskin says the UAV could help mountain climbers conduct weather and ice reconnaissance, and could also fly geodetic and military missions: “The vehiclecould provide highly detailed aerial photography for remote regions, as well as feeding real-time photographic and video imagery to a ground station. In search-and-rescue situations, the SKAT 640 4G TERRA will suggest optimal routes, conduct aerial reconnaissance of avalanche-prone areas, and participate in rescue operations day and night, in any weather conditions.”

The SKAT 640 4G TERRA UAV can accelerate to 200 km/h, and has a range of 350 km. Its endurance is 5 hours. The aircraft’s components are manufactured in the Russian cities of Rostov, Izhevsk, and Moscow.

By Tatyana Volodina

Russian Aviation Insider
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