S7 Technics gears up for SSJ100 components production

S7 Technics Russian MRO provider was granted approval for the production of leather covers for passenger seats on the Superjet 100 (S7T)

S7 Technics’ production facility at Novosibirsk’s Tolmachevo airport has completed its latest audit by Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Co (SCAC), manufacturer of the Superjet 100 (SSJ100).

The auditors, who attended the Russian MRO provider’s facility, focused primarily on the processes at the site’s design bureau, its component production facility, test laboratory and the company’s quality management system. Based on the results of the inspection, the site was granted approval for the design and production of leather covers for passenger seats on the SSJ100.

Previously, the site was approved for the design and production of a variety of articles from plastic, textile and leather materials, as well as placards for the Russian regional jet.

The positive results of SCAC’s series of audits have paved the way for S7 Technics to launch a competence centre for elaborating designer documentation and producing components for Russian-made SSJ100 regional jets.

S7 Technics is one of a few service providers in the country capable of performing the complete cycle of implementing modifications on Russian and western-produced aircraft. Under its own EASA (Part 21G, Part 21J, Part 145) and FAP-285 approvals, the company, which is part of privately-owned S7 Group is authorised to design a required component, issue the relevant approved designer documentation, approve installation of that component on an aircraft, and produce the designed component supplying it with European-standard passport (EASA Form 1) – before finally installing it on an aircraft.

Under its FAP-285 certificate, S7 Technics has been involved in the maintenance of Sukhoi Civil-produced aircraft since early 2016. The company says it maintain  a successful cooperation experience with all Russian operators of the Superjet 100 type.

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