S7 Engineering approved for all Types of SSJ 100 maintenance

S7 Engineering hopes that Aeroflot outsources SSJ 100 maintenance to them S7 Engineering hopes that Aeroflot outsources SSJ 100 maintenance to them (Photo by Leonid Faerberg / transport-photo.com)

By Artyom Korenyako


S7 Engineering, a part of the Engineering Holding, Russia’s largest independent MRO provider, has received Russian authorities’ approval for maintenance of the Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft. Thus, five years after the SSJ 100 entered service, the first independent MRO provider for the type has appeared in Russia.

Oleg Golomolzin, S7 Engineering’s director for quality, told Russian Aviation Insider that on February 20, his company received the Russian FAP-285 approval, which authorizes the provider for all types of line and base maintenance and component repairs for SSJ 100, Boeing 737NG, Airbus A320 and Cessna 172.

S7 Engineering’s main base at Domodedovo Airport will provide a full range of maintenance services to SSJ 100 operators, while its satellite station in Mineralnye Vody will engage in line maintenance only, but may expand its services should demand arise.

Certification requirements call for trained personnel as well as all necessary tooling and equipment to be in place. “We had no problems with the personnel training part,” Golomolzin explained, “but to own all of the equipment required for all types of maintenance works is a formidable investment, even for a large enterprise like us. Therefore, we decided to rent the more costly equipment and tools that are rarely used from Sukhoi Civil Aircraft. This practice demonstrates positive results all over the world, both in terms of reducing providers’ costs, as well as in terms of optimizing the maintenance costs for operators, as these expenses are not factored in the total cost of the product.”

Engineering Holding pointed out that SSJ 100 production rates are sufficient to call the type’s MRO sector a developing market. “Red Wings is likely to become S7 Engineering’s first SSJ 100 customer,” Igor Panshin, Engineering’s deputy director for planning and sales projects. “This operator had expressed their intention to co-operate with us in this respect even before we received the approval. I suppose we will also agree with Yamal Airlines, since we have a long story of successful partnership with them in terms of other aircraft types. Our main target, however, is Aeroflot, and we are conducting the appropriate consultations with Russia’s largest carrier. After we demonstrate our outstanding SSJ 100 maintenance capabilities to the market, our negotiations with Aeroflot may reach the target.”

S7 Engineering is the seventh maintenance organization in the world approved for SSJ 100 heavy maintenance. Apart from the OEM and its European subsidiary SuperJet International, there are Lithuanian FL Technics and Latvian Aviatechservice, as well as in-house maintenance bases of Aeroflot, Yakutia and the Mexican Interjet.



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