Russian aircraft parts to get tagged

RFID tagging program will prevent illegal trafficking of Russian aircraft parts The precise inventory of RFID-tagged components will be determined by aircraft’ chief designers (Photo by Fyodor Borisov /

In 2017, Russia will launch electronic tagging program for aircraft parts and components. The Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade told that for now the process will affect the Russia-made aircraft only.

“The United Aircraft Corporation and the Russian Helicopters have already determined the list of mass-produced aircraft that will take part in the pilot projects aimed at introducing this automated radio frequency identification (RFID) technology into operation. We have the terms of reference drafted and the document is currently undergoing the approval procedure. The actual works are scheduled to start in 2017,” the Ministry representative says.

The authorities emphasize the RFID tagging program will prevent illegal trafficking of aircraft and aerospace components (such as counterfeiting, fraud, etc). Besides, it will provide full shipment transparency and life cycle traceability of aircraft parts, as well as improve logistic efficiencies and MRO data management. Ultimately, the introduction of RFID chips is meant to enhance marketability of Russian aviation industry at foreign markets.

“We will use the pilot projects to allocate duties among all the stakeholders,” the Ministry of Industry and Trade adds. The officials also make it clear that the requirements for the RFID –tagged component inventory have already been defined (including the marking type and locations for each aircraft component). However, the final decision on the component list with the reference to each type of aircraft will be made by a corresponding chief designer. It is said that tagging will be the responsibility of manufacturers, MRO-providers and operators.

As for the foreign-made components, the Ministry representatives evasively say the marking process will be conducted “according to well-established international practices and in close cooperation with OEMs.”

By Tatyana Volodina

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