Russia’s MetroJet A321 crashes in Egypt

The aircraft was carrying 217 passengers and 7 crew members on route from Sharm el-Sheikh to St. Petersburg[...]

Rossiya launches in-house C-checks on own A320 fleet

The Russian carrier expects the new capability will save it around $1.2 million a year[...]
Ukrainian, Russian air travel bans

Third-party carriers capitalize on Ukrainian, Russian air travel bans

Airlines from the CIS countries are launching connection flights taking advantage of transit traffic[...]

Sberbank leasing gives Transaero's order to Aeroflot

The airline signed a LOI for 14 Boeing aircraft initially intended for its former competitor[...]

Aeroflot to take delivery of two more SSJ100s

The aircraft are provided by Sberbank Leasing[...]

Transaero appoints a new general director

Valeriy Zaitsev replaces Dmitry Saprykin appointed earlier by Aeroflot[...]

Perm and Anapa airports to get state support

The Russian government will provide state loans in support of ongoing construction projects at two airports posed for growth[...]

Russian airlines' traffic grew slightly in the third quarter

Even 0.7% increase is welcome news for the market, but several airlines showed double-digit growth[...]

UTair dismissed half of its fleet within one year

The airline is rearranging its operations under a crisis bailout plan[...]

Rosneft taking delivery of Twin Otters

Ten new DHC-6s series 400 will be operated in Krasnoyarsk for transportation of the oil company's shift workers[...]
SSJ100s return

Four SSJ100s return to Russia from Indonesia and Laos

Indonesian Sky Aviation and Laos' Lao Central went out of business shortly after receiving their aircraft[...]

Transaero Airlines: too big to fail or to support?

The fate of Russia’s second largest carrier will reshape the country’s commercial aviation market[...]

Aulie-Ata Airport completes infrastructure renewal

Anoter waypoint in Kazakhstan welcomes East - West transit traffic with all-new runway and terminal[...]

SSJ100's stretched version tested for extended life

The long-range SSJ 100LR has commenced endurance testing[...]

Russian traffic more Moscow centered than ever

Moscow's three airports served 77% of total traffic, and the trend is expected to continue[...]

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