Kyrgyz airports to raise international passenger service fees

The additional income is needed to pay for the country's airports reconstruction[...]

UAC introduces organizational changes

The United Aircraft Corporation is changing the way it manages its programs[...]

Shorter version of MC-21 completes wind-tunnel testing

The MC-21-200 program is moving towards completion of the critical desgn phase[...]

Aeroflot to sell tickets through Icelandic metasearch service

The Reykjavik-based Dohob made 119 of Aeroflot's destinations in 51 countries available through its website[...]

Gazprom Avia purchases two Airbus Helicopters H155s

The Russian operator is now looking for a contractor to ferry both aircraft to its Ostafyevo base[...]

Aeroflot creates MRO subsidiary

A-Technics is based in Vnukovo and is run by ex-Transaero's technical director[...]

Russian subsidy programs: fewer routes, fewer airlines

The Russian government has cut the number of subsidized inter-regional routes for 2016[...]

Aircraft Industries faces slowing market for L-410 in Russia

The Czech OEM owned by a Russian metallurgy giant is looking elsewhere to compensate for slower sales in Russia[...]

Aeroflot Group realigns to boost competitiveness

The group’s restructuring plan will affect the entire Russian airline market[...]

Jeppesen to audit Moscow airspace structure

The new air traffic management system, which will replace the long obsolete current one, is to be introduced in 2016[...]

Renovated terminal operational at Chita airport

The airport's traffic is expected to grow at an annual rate of 5% in the next four years[...]

Aeroflot Group increases revenue, market share

The Group’s strategy now aims to capture all segments of Russian air transport market[...]

Russian aviation insurance market continues to shrink

Insurance rates going down, payout sums growing[...]

European Commission removes Air Astana from blacklist

All of the restrictions, which applied to the Kazakhstan's national carrier European operations are now lifted[...]
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