Let L-410 turboprops to get Russian engines

Let L-410 turboprops to get Russian engines Mock-up of VK-800C engine showcased by UWCA at the International Engine Forum 2018 (Russian Aviation Insider)

Russia’s Ural Works of Civil Aviation (UWCA) announced plans to re-engine L-410UVP-E20 19-seat turboprops it assembles under license from their Czech designer Aircraft Systems. The GE Aviation engines are to be replaced by VK-800S. The engine program is currently being developed by the company’s specialized St. Petersburg-based division, by the order of Russia’s Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Design engineer of this division Andrey Melekhin told Russian Aviation Insider at the recent International Engine Forum in Moscow, that the production of test prototypes of the engine is already underway, and three prototypes are scheduled to be assembled by the end of May this year by LKT research and production center in Moscow region, which will also conduct the ground tests of the engine. The flight tests are scheduled to begin in the fall.

The VK-800S is expected to be certified in 2020 and immediatly after that the LKT will launch the serial production. For the LKT it will be the first experience with the entire engine, as it has until now specialized on production of compressor blades, but have also mastered production of other core components. “Producing turbine blades is a high tech process. It is easier to base something else on these production capabilities,” says Melkhin adding that the company has been tasked with using only Russian-produced components for the VK-800S. Some parts will be supplied by Perm Motors, Metallist – Samara, Omsk Engine Design Bureau and other Russian enterprises.

Melekhin also revealed that UWCA has already received an order for two L-410UVP-E20s with new Russian-made engines from the Industry and Trade ministry.

UWCA earlier said that it was working to bring the use of Russian components in the L-410 to beyond 50%, including engines and avionics. The aircraft operated in Russia are now powered by M601 and H80 made by GE Aviation Czech, the former Czech engine producer Walter, acquired by GE Aviation in 2008.

VK-800S is a turboprop modification of VK-800V turboshaft helicopter engine developed by UEC-Klimov (part of United Engine Corporation). The company’s executive director Alexander Vatagin told media that UEC-Klimov is currently preparing design documentation for the airplane engine. VK-800C is designed for multi-purpose airplanes with carrying capacity between 1,000 and 1,500 kg.

VK-800C in comparison with similar engines produced outside Russia

Engine М601F H80-200 VK-800С
TO thrust, h.p. 789 812 812
Engine modification TO thrust, h.p. 850 900
Specific fuel consumption, kg-hp-hr 0,287 0,269 0,243
Weight, empty kg 191 186 170
External dimensions, L/B/H, (D), mm 1675/590/650 1675/590/650 1635/551/642
TBO, hrs 3000 3600 3000, further operation by technical condition

Source: UWCA

By Evgenia Kolyada

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