Kazakhstan to digitise its civil aviation regulatory management system

Country’s aviation authority has partnered with US and UK-based software specialist to deliver a framework for the digital management of its aviation regulations

Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan Digital Twin will enable CAAKZ to identify a future operational state in which key processes can be benefit from intelligent automation (BusinessOptix)

The Civil Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan (CAAKZ) and BusinessOptix, a US and UK-based software specialist, have reached a partnership agreement which will deliver a framework for the digitisation of the country’s aviation regulations.

The deal requires BusinessOptix to support the creation of a ‘Digital Regulator’ to drive strategies centred on ‘enterprise risk and compliance’ factors – which will enable the central Asian country’s aviation authority to benefit from a better optimised future operational system.

BusinessOptix says its platform enables organisations such as CAAKZ to design and deliver a range of solutions that, in this case, include the roll out of a full ‘Enterprise Risk and Performance’ database that has been specifically designed to satisfy the growing needs of the nation’s regulatory body. Called Digital Twin, it will enable CAAKZ to identify a future operational state in which key processes benefit from intelligent automation, whilst leveraging Internet of Things (IoT) and big data analysis to provide instant insight into the operational effectiveness of processes. The combination of all these disciplines, which will be delivered within a Microsoft Azure environment, will form the foundation for the nation’s aviation Digital Regulator.

Peter Griffiths, director general of CAAKZ, says: “The task of the Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan is to transform how aviation’s regulations are delivered in the Republic {and that they are} in line with the country’s presidential vision. It’s a vast task, a three-year project that requires the very best transformation tools,” he adds.

“We have teamed up with BusinessOptix which came up with a cost-effective solution to provide the digital twin approach so that we can document and test all transformation scenarios to ensure that we are applying a right, first-time methodology. It is a different approach to regulation transformation, which we believe will be very successful in embedding change and quickly building institutional knowledge.”

Peter McInally of BusinessOptix says the partnership with CAAKZ “really brings forward our push to deliver true Digital Twin, enabling technology alongside a visionary client. We believe this will be a world-class installation and will change the face of aviation’s regulatory affairs.”

The Civil Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan was established as part of the implementation of the country’s ‘100 specific steps’ national plan, a fundamentally new approach to ensuring flight safety in the country in accordance with best international practices. It is being introduced in the Republic of Kazakhstan for the first time.

Over the past 18 months, the Civil Aviation Committee of the Kazakh Ministry of Industry and Infrastructural Development has been developing and introducing some appropriate amendments to the existing basic law of civil aviation, including 61 new by-laws and legal requirements. Qualified civil aviation technical specialists were involved in the work to carry out technical controls and the supervision of other civil aviation industry matters, all aimed at achieving working environment parity with other enterprises in the field.

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