MC-21: Newest Russian Narrow-Body Aircraft

On Wednesday, June 8, six years after program launch, the first prototype of Russia’s new generation MC-21 narrow-body was officially rolled out at Irkut Corporation’s plant in Irkutsk. The aircraft’s maiden flight is exspected to take place in 2017.


Irkut MC-21 Specifications and modifications

  • МС-21-300 is designed for 163 to 211 passengers.
  • МС-21-200 is designed for 132 to 165 passengers. Its fuselage is 8.5 m shorter than the MC-21-300’s, it will have the MTOW of 72,560 kg and range of 6400 km. The design documentation for this version is currently elaborated by Yakovlev Engineering Center.
MC-21-200 MC-21-300
Standard two-class configuration, No of seats 132 (С12+Y120) 163(C16+Y147)
Max. number of seat configuration, No of seats 165 (29-28” pitch) 211 (29-28” pitch)
Maximum take-off weight (MTOW), kg 72,560 79,250
Maximum landing weight, (MLW), kg 63,100 69,100
Maximum payload, kg 18,900 22,600
Maximum fuel, kg 20,400 20,400
Maximum two-class configuration range, km 6,400 6,000
The total volume of the cargo compartments, m3 34 49
Aircraft length, m 33,8 42,3
Wingspan, m 35,9 35,9
Height, m 11,5 11,5
Fuselage width, m 4,06 4,06
Maximum passenger cabin width, m 3,81 3,81

New Generation Medium-haul Aircraft Performance Comparison





Length, m 42,3 39,5 37,6 38,9
Wing Span, m 35,9 35,9 35,8 35,8
Engines 2 х PW1400G-JM 2 х CFM LEAP-1B 2 х PW1100G-JM 2 х CFM LEAP-1C
Maximum Range, km 6000 6500 6500 4075
MTOW, kg 79250 82190 79000 77300
163 162 165 156


PW1400 engines for MC-21

PW1400 engines at Irkutsk Aviation Plant

The first prototype is equipped with Pratt & Whitney’s PW1400G engines, freshly certified by the FAA in May this year. Russian certification of the MC-21-300 with the PW1400 is scheduled for 2018 with the EASA certification to follow in 2019. The PW1431G model with 14.1 ton nominal thrust is designed for the MC-21-300. The serial production of the PW1400G series will be launched by April 2017.

PD-14 engine for mc-21

PD-14 engine on the test bench

An alternative powerplant for the aircraft is the Russian-made PD-14. The 12-14 ton thrust PD-14/14A will power the MC-21-300 and -200 versions. UEC has already landed a contract for at least 35 such powerplants, to be mounted on Aeroflot’s MC-21s. The engine’s Russian certification is set for the spring of 2017, to be followed by EASA certification in 2018. The model is being developed by UEC subsidiary – Perm-based Aviadvigatel and will enter series production at Perm Motors, which is planning to be building 40 engines per year by 2025 and 50 annually by 2030.


Irkut’s backlog for the MC-21 has 175 firm orders from:

  • Avia Capital Services (85 aircraft, including 50 for Aeroflot)
  • Ilyushin Finance Co. (50 aircraft),
  • VEB-Leasing (30 aircraft)
  • IrAero Airlines (10 aircraft)

There are also Letters of Intent for over 100 aircraft in place.

MC-21 production plant at Irkutsk Aviation Plant

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Photos by Leonid Faerberg /

MC-21 news and insights

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