GTLK completes delivery of first Russian-built L-410 turboprops

GTLK is a Russian lessor Aeroservice is a potential new operators of airliners manufactured by UWCA (Leonid Faerberg /

Russia’s State Transport Leasing Company (abbreviated to GTLK in Russian) has completed delivery of the initial batch of five L-410 turboprops produced indigenously by Ural Works of Civil Aviation to domestic operators.

Two of the airplanes went to Siberian Light Aviation (SiLA), the launch customer for the UWCA-made L-410s. Another two were delivered to Arkhangelsk United Air Squadron. The remaining aircraft was handed over to Khabarovsk Airlines, GTLK reports.

Russian lessor placed the order for five Let L-410s in 2016. The purchase was supported by Russian government in the form of incresing of the GTLK’s capital. Last year the government made the decision to provide similar support for the next five-strong batch of these aircraft.

A source in GTLK told Russian Aviation Insider that one of the airplanes in the next batch is intended for Magadan Region. Negotiations are also under way with several operators in Russia’s Far East, including Plastun-Avia in Primorye Territory, Aurora Airlines, and Aeroservice. The latter already operates several of the type manufactured by Aircraft Industries.

As of today, GTLK owns the largest L-410 fleet in Russia.

In late November last year, UWCA reported having assembled nine L-410s. The combined target for 2018 and 2019 stands at 29 airframes, and there are firm orders in place for all of these, the Yekaterinburg-based manufacturer states. CEO Vadim Badekha said in an interview to TASS newswire that the plan is to deliver 40 aircraft to operators by 2020.

The Czech-designed twin-engined, 19-seat L-410 Turbolet short-range turboprop has been operated in Russia for decades. The country’s fleet consists of aircraft made by the Czech OEM Aircraft Industries (formerly Let Kunovice). The manufacturer is since 2008 owned by Russia’s Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company (UGMK).

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