Fokker Services receives Russian aviation authority approvals

The Dutch company wins a number of approvals from Rosaviatsiya for modifications including ADS-B Out, the ULD, and provisions for EFB

Fokker Services

Fokker Services has received a number of approvals from Rosaviatsiya, Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency (FATA), for modifications including ADS-B Out, the Underwater Locator Device (ULD), and provisions for Electronic Flight Bag (EFB).

With these latest approvals, Fokker Services will be able to work directly with local Russian carriers to offer these solutions for aircraft registered or operated in the country, including selected Airbus, Boeing or Embraer aircraft types. The company has also applied for FATA validation on other Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs).

The company insists in a statement: “FATA-approved modifications will increase our collaborations with long-standing and newly-established customers across the region.”

For ADS-B Out, Fokker Services, a global independent aerospace service provider, is able to equip aircraft with the upgrades needed to become compliant with FAA and EASA mandates; the EFB solution puts all the necessary equipment in the aircraft to use an iPad® as an EFB solution in the cockpit; and for the ULD solution, a beacon is attached to the fuselage and transmits a low-frequency acoustic signal for at least 90 days to support the detection of the aircraft if it becomes submerged during overwater operations. Fokker Services, a GKN Aerospace company, has also applied for FATA validation on other Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs).

Since first entering the Russian market in 2010, Fokker Services has served more than 400 aircraft registered with Russian operators with a variety of modifications, including innovative EASA-approved solutions for the ADS-B Out and Controller Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC) mandates. Fokker Services also holds multiple modification STCs from other regional airworthiness authorities in countries including Egypt, India and others.

The company combines original equipment manufacturer (OEM) design expertise and after-sales support and its services range from type certificate holder-related product support services to flight-hour-based component availability and repair programmes, spare parts, engineering, modifications and documentation support.

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