Flight school in Saratov to train future pilots for Aeroflot

Krasny Kut Flight School (located in Saratov Region) uses Yak-18T, An-2, Cessna 172S and Diamond DA40 for training flights Krasny Kut Flight School (located in Saratov Region) uses Yak-18T, An-2, Cessna 172S and Diamond DA40 for training flights (Photo by Krasny Kut Flight School)

Saratov-based Krasny Kut Flight School of Civil Aviation, one of several state-run flight colleges in Russia, has announced a new Aeroflot-oriented training program.

The corresponding human resource cooperation agreement between the Krasny Kut and Russia’s national air carrier was signed on September 13 and implies that from now on the flight school will provide type familiarization courses with regard to exact aircraft types operated by the Aeroflot Group. The latter will guarantee employment for the flight school’s distinguished graduates.

The agreement, however, was subject to mixed reception in the aviation education community and raised questions among other education facilities. Apart from Krasny Kut, there are currently two more technical colleges (Sasovo Flight School in Ryazan Oblast and Buguruslan Flight School in Orenburg Oblast) and two Flight Academies (in Ulyanovsk and Saint-Petersburg) in Russia which provide PPL and CPL courses and actual flight training. Until recently, newly-qualified pilots were not guaranteed employment upon graduation, although were formally eligible for an airline job. Questions also remain on whether Aeroflot will continue to use its own type-training center.

Krasny Kut Flight School is a subsidiary of the Ulyanovsk Flight Academy and so far provides PPL and CPL training courses with no further jet type rating. Its training fleet includes Yak-18T, An-2, Cessna 172S and Diamond Da40NG and DA42NG trainers. It also has two double-engine L-410 turboprops available for training flights.

Following the signed agreement, Krasny Kut Flight School will amend its training programs to order to meet Aeroflot’s requirements and be able to provide it with ready-to-go pilots that will not need any further lengthy qualification courses.

The Aeroflot Group currently operates 10 aircraft types: Airbus A330 and A321 (“Aeroflot”), A320 (Aeroflot, “Rossiya, Aurora), A319 (Rossiya, Aurora), Boeing 777 (Aeroflot, Rossiya), Boeing 747 (Rossiya), Boeing 737 (Aeroflot, Rossiya, Pobeda), Bombardier Q400/300/200 and DHC 6-400 Twin Otter (Aurora), as well as Sukhoi Superjet 100 (Aeroflot).


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