Estonian MRO provider receives EASA Part 21J approval

Magnetic MRO is now authorized to design and produce interior components Magnetic MRO is now authorized to design and produce interior components (Photo by Magnetic MRO)

Magnetic MRO (formerly Air Maintenance Estonia) has been approved by EASA as a Part 21J design organisation which will allow it to design and approve minor changes and repairs to aircraft. This includes changes and repairs to structures, installation of avionics, electrical systems and cabin interiors including galleys and other interiors equipment to small and large aircraft.

Tallinn, Estonia-based company is also approved to make minor changes to type-certificate design and as well approve minor repairs, to issue information or instructions, to approve minor revisions to an aircraft flight manual and supplements.

Design organization approval is a significant milestone for Magnetic MRO and complements the existing EASA Production Organization Approval Part 21G EE.21G.0001. With the addition of this new approval, Magnetic MRO is now able to develop, produce and certify all replacement parts for aircraft cabin reconfiguration and refurbishment projects.

“Having a fast delivery time for cabin reconfiguration or refurbishment is a key for Magnetic MRO customers. So when producing new seat covers, curtains decals or introducing new LOPA layout theswift certification is vital element for us meeting and exceeding client objectives, even if they are made on the spot during the base maintenance visit,” Andrius Norkevicius, Head of Engineering and Painting Services said.

In a separate development, the company completed the launch of 5 new line maintenance stations. As part of its international growth strategy outside of Tallinn home base, Magnetic MRO expanded its network of operations by adding Milan Malpensa, Vilnius, Copenhagen,

Oulu, and Gallivare airports to its operations map.

“Magnetic MRO long term strategy is to focus on new generation aircraft, which demand less heavy maintenance hangar work, more line maintenance work where the aircraft operate’’, says Jonas Butautis, CEO of Magnetic MRO.

Rauno Parras, Head of Line Maintenance at Magnetic MRO, commented: “Our long term goal is to build a Top 3 network of independent line stations in Europe’.

Its customer base includes such major European carriers like Ryanair and Easyjet as well as several airlines from former Soviet republics: Russia’s UTair, Rossiya, Alrosa and Yakutia Airlines; Latvian Air Baltic and Lithuanian Small Planet Airlines.


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