Engineering offers a full range of modification services

Photo by Artyom Karasyov / Sibir Technics

Engineering Holding Company, Russia’s leading independent MRO provider, expands its range of aircraft modification services. In October, Engineering subsidiary Sibir Technics launched a fire resistance testing laboratory for aircraft interior materials at its home base at Tolmachevo airport in Novosibirsk.

The new laboratory tests different materials for combustion in the presence of other materials; the results of such tests allow the company to issue approvals and certificates for materials and components. Until now, no Russian MRO providers working with Western-made airliners had such capability. Sibir Technics is certified to EASA Part 145 and Part 21G/J standards to provide the full range of modifications on commercial aircraft.

“Previously, any materials’ fire resistance would have to be tested abroad; this required a lot of time and money, and there were logistical problems,” explains Igor Panshin, Engineering’s deputy general director for planning and sales. “This is a fairly serious issue for airlines. Every material used in cabin interiors must be tested for fire resistance in the presence of all adjacent materials.”

The laboratory was issued with a five-year accreditation certificate in summer. It completed its first commercial order in September and October, testing passenger seat covers, stickers, and velcro fasteners for Ural Airlines.

The laboratory has one general-purpose Bunsen-burner testing chamber and one chamber for seat cushion oil burner tests. Prior to testing, materials spend some time in a climatic chamber under controlled humidity, pressure, and temperature conditions. The laboratory is cleared to conduct fire resistance tests on a broad range of materials, including seat covers, curtains, carpets, plastics, films, laminates, seat cushions, and wiring insulation.

The laboratory’s main objective is to help customers create new aircraft interior designs. Sibir Technics is now able to offer a full range of airliner modification services, namely modification development (under Part 21J), prototyping (under Part 21G), and installation (under Part 145). The EASA Part 21J certificate was awarded in the summer of 2014.

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