Engineering Holding rebrands as S7 Technics

S7 Technics hopes its new name will make more sense to potential customers Russia's largest MRO provider expects more recognition with the new brand (S7 Technics)

Russian MRO provider Engineering Holding and its subsidiaries S7 Engineering (with maintenance facilities at Domodedovo and Mineralnye Vody airports) and Sibir Technics (based at Novosibirsk’s Tolmachevo) have adopted the new umbrella brand name of S7 Technics.

In its official statement, Engineering Holding (an S7 Group subsidiary) explains the move as being logical, seeing as the provider has a long history of cooperation with S7 Group.

“We are confident that the new brand will make us more recognizable and will make more sense to our customers,” Igor Panshin, Engineering’s director for sales and planning, commented. “This is important because, in the framework of our long-term strategy, we will continue to strengthen our relations with industry partners both in Russia and beyond.”

The company emphasizes that “S7 today is a powerful, stable and effective brand that is well known outside Russia.” The decision to adopt the umbrella brand for S7 Group’s maintenance business is thus largely dictated by the company’s plans to further expand onto the European and Asian markets.

According to the company’s market study, the word “technics” is used by every second aircraft maintenance provider. The previous name, Engineering. sometimes required explanations, as its meaning appeared vague to some potential partners in the past.

The company intends to continue with its massive renovation plan under the S7 Technics brand name, including the development of new operations, improvements to the efficiency and quality of its business processes, geographic expansion, and new partnership contacts.

Engineering Holding’s labor hours exceeded 2 million in 2017, an important milestone for the company.

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