Domodedovo to expand its terminal for FIFA 2018

Construction of Domodedovo's second terminal building with the area of 235,000 square meters

The second segment (T2) of the passenger terminal at Moscow Domodedovo Airport will enter service in 2018, in time for the world football championship FIFA. The area of the new building will be 235,000 square meters.

The new segment will have 11 gates equipped with 19 jetways, including two for double-decker aircraft (Airbus A380 and Boeing 747). Several jetways will be designed to enable boarding through two doors on aircraft such as Boeing 777.

Aprons adjacent to T2 will be fitted with pit-systems, innovative for Russia, which enable aircraft connection to the entire engineering infrastructure, including electrical, air conditioning, sewage and water supply systems. This will facilitate faster turn-around times and benefit aviation security at the airport, Domodedovo’s press contact explained.

The T2’s capacity will be 2,200 passengers per hour in the departure segment and 2,600 passengers in arrival. After the T2 becomes operational, the entire terminal’s annual capacity will reach 45 million passengers.

As follows from Domodedovo’s presentation, which dates back to 2014, only the first stage of construction will be completed by 2018, almost two years behind schedule. The second stage was scheduled for completion by 2023, expanding the terminal area to 450,000 square meters. The same presentation revealed plans for the first terminal segment (T1) area to be expanded almost four times, to 260,000 square meters. Domodedovo had also projected a T3 building, with an area of 275 square meters, to be built by 2023.

At the same time, construction of the new runway, which will replace the existing Runway 2, is underway and should be completed next year.

In 2015 Domodedovo served 30.5 million passengers, down 7.7% from 2014 results.


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