Why is digital transformation necessary?

Wings Future CAPTION Wings of the Future international aviation forum will be held on October 30-31 in Moscow (ATO Events)

Russia’s air transport industry delivers more than 100 million passengers a year and generates a huge amount of data, but only now is it beginning to realise that this data could be the most important new asset of the emerging digital economy.

That is why Arseny Tarasov, Digital Transformation Director at Microsoft, has confirmed his participation at the Wings of the Future international aviation forum, which is being held on October 30-31 at Moscow’s Renaissance Monarch Center.

Digital transformation will inevitably affect both the product and the company business model, whilst at the same time modifying relationships with customers and restructuring internal processes and company assets, thereby deeply affecting team competences. It also explains why the circumstances of the modern air transport business are rapidly changing as a result of the increasing demands of digital transformation. Not surprisingly, responding to this invasive digital transformational process requires considerable effort and consideration.

At Wings of the Future, Tarasov will explain the exact way to manage this digital revolution, describing the new terms and conditions that will be required, what advantages and pitfalls await a company on this path, whilst recognising that the new technologies are not just a necessary tool, but acknowledging that the real key to success lies with a company’s employees backed up by conscious corporate culture changes.

You can find additional information about the forum on our website.

Hurry up and reserve your place at the forum and gain access to discussions about the most relevant issues and the newest civil aviation developments. A special registration price is available only until the 10th of September.

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