Data copied from Flydubai 737 flight data recorder

Flydubai Boeing 737-800 crashed at the runway of Rostov-on-Don airport The Boeing 737-800 with 62 people onboard crashed at the runway of Rostov-on-Don airport during the second landing attempt. (Photo by Leonid Faerberg /


The flight data recorder of the Flydubai’s Boeing 737-800, which crashed in Rostov on Saturday, has been found in working condition despite the visible damage. The data has been retrieved and its quality is satisfactory, Sergey Zaiko, deputy head of the Interstate Aviation Committee, which is leading the investigation, told Kommersant-FM.

He also mentioned that the cockpit voice recorder was damaged as well, but did not clarify whether it is still possible to use the recordings. This morning the experts resumed their efforts.

Rostov Airport, in the meantime has completed restoration of the runway. According to the airport spokesperson, an area of about 350 square meters of pavement needed to be restored, as well as runway lights and electrical network. The airport has resumed operations this morning, with an Emergency Response aircraft landing first to test the runway condition. Regular operations restarted after that.

Flydubai’s Boeing 737-800 (tail number A6-FDN, s.n. 40241/3517) crashed at 03:42 Moscow Standard Time on March 19. The aircraft hit the ground just short of the runway on its second attempt to land, killing all 62 people on board. Shortly before the impact, the crew lost control of the aircraft.


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