Chisinau Airport to get a second runway

Construction of the new runway is the only way to renovate the existing landing strip without closing down Chisinau Airport Construction of the new runway is the only way to renovate the existing landing strip without closing down Chisinau Airport (Photo by Avia Invest)

A second runway is under construction at Chisinau Airport, in the capital of Moldova. The 2,400-meter long landing strip will enable the airport to continue normal operations for the period of renovation of its existing 3,590-meter long runway, the airport’s management company Avia Invest reported. The new runway is expected to become operational by May 2018.

The construction project was officially presented to the public on March 20 this year. According to the project, what is currently taxi route D, will be extended and upgraded, and will serve as the new runway. The taxiway’s surface will be thoroughly renovated in the same way as the first segment of the existing runway, Avia Invest explained. The old pavement will be destroyed by grinding equipment, after that the ground will be stabilized, and covered with layers of gravel and concrete.

The modernization plans are linked to growing number of flights. “We have set an objective to make 2017 as constructive as the previous year, and we want the passengers to benefit from the results of improvement efforts made so far. The initial runway reconstruction initiative meant that we would have to cut 10 to 12 hours off the daily operation time, and this would affect the flight schedule and cause inconveniences to both airlines and their passengers. So we decided to upgrade taxi route D first, to be able to use it as a runway,” Avia Invest’s general director Petru Jardan explained. He added that the authorities have already granted their permission, and the works have commenced.

Once the second runway becomes operational the airport will be able to handle aircraft round the clock. After all the works are complete on the main runway, the second runway will continue as a runway.

According to the local publication called NewsMaker, the project’s cost is estimated at 15 to 16 million euro. Simultaneously with the runway reconstruction the airport will renovate its territory.

Chisinau airport has been demonstrating growth for over five years. Its 2015 traffic doubled compared to 2011 and reached 2.22 million passengers.

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