Aeroflot doubles capacity of its data Ppocessing center

Aeroflot Doubled Capacity of its Data Processing Center

Aeroflot has more than doubled the capacity of its main data processing facility, which performs all calculations for the airline.

Work on the expansion of the data center was carried out by Technoserv, a Russian system integrator, in cooperation with the US Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Corporation.

The strengthening of the IT-infrastructure became necessary due to an increase in the group’s passenger traffic, fleet expansion and the recent structural changes within the group. In 2016 three of Aeroflot’s subsidiaries – Rossiya, OrenAir and Donavia – merged under Rossiya.

According to Kirill Bogdanov, Aeroflot’s deputy director general for IT, the decision to create a new data center was made in 2015.

The addition to the main data center is made with modular principle which has proven itself in the work of the reserve data center (was created in 2013 by joint effort of Technoserv and HPE). The complex consists of a modular data center “IT-Ekipazh” created by Technoserv and IT infrastructure designed using HPE equipment. The new data center was put into operation within six months, which, according to Alexander Scherbina, Hewlett Packard Enterprise director general, Russia is considered a very short period for such a complicated project.

The joint computer room of the new data center occupies an area of 175 square meters and houses 78 server racks at 10 kilowatts each. The center is built of rapidly-erected modular frames with factory built-in engineering systems. The data center includes server blocks for calculating equipment installation, engineering blocks for uninterrupted work of active equipment as well as dispatch, storage, corridor and staircase-lift blocks.

According to Scherbina, Aeroflot operates the new data center on leasing terms. The same scheme was used as early as in 2004 when Hewlett-Packard created a new data center for the airline joining the separate facilities together. Aeroflot then said the leasing of equipment allowed the company to cut costs.

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