Aeroflot allows use of electronic devices on take-off and landing

Aeroflot allows the use of electronic devices throughout the flight Although devices may be left on during take-off and landing, they must be switched to “flight” mode (Photo by Aeroflot)

Russia’s flagship carrier has simplified the rules for using electronic devices on board its aircraft. According to the new instructions posted on Aeroflot’s web-site, cell phones and other gadgets may be left on throughout the flight, but should be switched to ‘flight’ mode, which means their transceiving function is turned off. Use of devices that do not feature such mode is still forbidden.

An exception to the rule is on long-haul flights, which feature aircraft equipped with Wi-Fi routers. Aeroflot has been offering this service on its entire wide-body  fleet of 22 Airbus A330s and 14 Boeing 777s since 2012.

Until recently, Aeroflot insisted on turning off all electronic devices during take-off and landing and allowed passengers to use them only after the aircraft reached cruise altitude and before the descent was initiated.

Relaxing of rules regarding the use of electronic devices is in line with a global trend. US aviation authorities began allowing passengers to use their gadgets with transceivers off in 2014. European legislators removed all limitations but left airlines the right to set their own rules.


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