Aeroflot adapts Russian IT system for strength analysis in MRO

CAE Fidesys will assist the MRO engineers in part design and facilitate creation of operation manuals

Aeroflot adapts Russian IT MRO System : Borlas

Russia’s largest airline, Aeroflot, has made a transition to Russian software for strength analysis and engineering validation of design solutions in aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) operations. The Computer-Aided Engineering software CAE Fidesys implemented by Russian Borlas Group will assist Aeroflot engineers in creating design and operations documentation for MRO procedures for both Russian and Western-made aircraft under the airline’s own FAP-21J aircraft part designer certificate.

The system enables Aeroflot engineers to conduct complex calculations for their design solutions by means of mathematical modeling without resorting to Western-developed software products. This will foster development of design and operational documentation by partly replacing costly lab and bench testing with modeling and engineering analysis.

CAE Fidesys capabilities are on a par with world-leading engineering analysis software products and in some aspects go a step further. For instance, this software works with highly detailed geometry of the model without model simplification and geometry idealization, ensuring accurate and reliable calculation results. The system also has specific capability for parts and units made of composite polymer materials and parts produced with additive technology.

Borlas team worked several months on implementation and fine-tuning CAE Fidesys software, development of documentation package and training of Aeroflot’s Design Center engineers. The software user-friendly interface and advanced workflow logic, coupled with Borlas’s training programs, has enabled the new users to quickly grasp the new instrument.

In March of 2023 Aeroflot obtained FAP-21J approval as aircraft part design organization, which clears way for modifications and non-standard aircraft and component repairs. This effort is in line with Aeroflot’s strategy of developing own competences in creating design solutions for aircraft, which is aimed at expanding its sovereignty in ensuring continued airworthiness of its aircraft fleet, under the ongoing absence of support from Western OEMs.

Aeroflot Group is authorized to develop documentation for non-standard structural repairs, cabin modifications, aircraft systems and powerplants, as well as development of a comprehensive list of III class components, including interior and galley components. The airline group has created a dedicated division (Design solution department), the backbone of which is highly qualified staff with unique set of competences and decades of experience in this field, both in Russian aerospace companies and in recently closed engineering centers of Western aircraft manufacturers.

Knowledge and professional skills of these professionals enable them to develop solutions, which are not provided by standard procedures of aircraft manufacturers. A significant part of such issues can now be resolved by Aeroflot jointly with MRO organizations, research institutions, manufacturers and Russian authorities.

This division is a level-up in providing engineering and maintenance support, and ensuring continued airworthiness of aircraft, Russian and Western-built, which are operated both by Aeroflot itself and by other Russian airlines.

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