Army 2017: The invincible Chaika debuts at Army 2017

The invincible Chaika debuts at Army 2017 Chaika-2 will be able to fly under the complete operational envelope range by the surface and beyond

The joint exhibition stand of Saint Petersburg-based Radar MMS and Alekseev Central Hydrofoil Design Bureau from Nizhny Novgorod at Army 2017 forum displays a new ground-effect vehicle Chaika-2 mockup. The vehicle is designed by the Nizhny Novgorod company. The Central Design Bureau and Radar MMS are planning a major cooperation with the latter company being responsible for the onboard avionics equipment, Radar MMS representative told Show Observer.

Chaika-2 (Seagull-2) is a sea- and aerodrome-based vehicle capable of reaching the speed of up to 450 km/h and flying under the complete operational envelope by the surface and beyond. The developers state high fuel effectiveness of the ground-effect craft, ability to be easily based and maintained, low radar visibility, mine and torpedo fire survivability, ability to land on water etc.

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The craft can be operated on large lakes and water reservoirs, sea coast areas and on level snow and ice surfaces in wintertime. The ground-effect vehicle will be powered by two launch engines R-195 and two cruise propulsion engines Klimov TV7-117S.

The craft will be able to enter an unimproved shore with an angle of up to 5 degrees. The vehicle will be able to carry passengers and cargo in the sea coastal areas and act as a search and rescue craft (in the interests of the Ministry of Emergencies) and patrol vessel (to guard the state borders and exclusive economic zone at sea). The craft can also be used as an auxiliary and medevac transport as well as for inland water ecological monitoring.

According to Radar MMS representative, Chaika-2 ground-effect vehicle is now at the stage of an advanced technical proposal only, with air- and hydro-testing completed. The creation of a pilot model will become possible only after the customer financing is provided. It is planned that the ground-effect vehicle will be built in five years after the conclusion of the contract. The certification process of the craft will be carried out since the beginning of the project: as a result of the flight tests the developers plan to present the craft to the sea and air registers.

By Evgeniya Kolyada

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