Yerevan airport shows 10% passenger flow growth acceleration

In January-October Zvartnots airport served 1.748 million passengers In January-October Zvartnots airport served 1.748 million passengers

Zvartnots International Airport, in the Armenian capital Yerevan, continues to show accelerating passenger flow growth. In January-October its volume grew by 9.5%, to 1.748 million passengers. In January-July, as a comparison, the number of passengers served by the airport grew by 2.5% (to 1.067 million passengers), in January-August by 4.3% (to 1.322 million passengers), in January-September by 7.2% (to 1.543 million passengers). The data is provided by Armenian General Department of Civil Aviation.

The passenger flow in Shirak airport, in the town of Gyumri, has tumbled by almost 74% in January-October. The airport served 7.7 thousand passengers during this period. Moreover, judging by statistics, Shirak hasn’t served passengers at all (the Armenian aviation authorities began publishing the statistics since January-July only).

It’s worth noting that the same situation is true for the cargo transportation segment. Zvartnots airport has witnessed positive dynamics lasting several months; in January-October the volume of cargo transportation through the airport has skyrocketed by 81%, to 13.3 thousand tons. In Shirak during the same period this figure dropped by a whopping 70.8% with the airport handling no cargo during July-October.

This July a new airline named Armenia appeared in the country. It’s also worth mentioning that the Russian aviation authorities have recently granted the low-cost Russian airline Pobeda permission to fly to Gyumri. The carrier is to commence flights to this city in the end of November. Pobeda chose to fly to Shirak due to the fact that the handling in Zvartnots was too expensive.

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