Boeing 737 of Yamal airline

Yamal’s Boeing 737-500 at Domodedovo International Airport, Moscow (Photo by Leonid Faerberg/Transport-Photo Images)

Base airports
Moscow (Domodedovo), Salekhard, Tyumen (Roschino)
SSJ 100 (3), Boeing 737-400 (3), Boeing 737-500 (1), Airbus A320-200 (7), A321 (2), Challenger 850 (1), CRJ-200LR (10), L-410 (2)
Passengers served in 2015-2005
yamal airlines passengers carried in 2005-2015
Financial performance in 2015
  • Revenue: 12,786 mln rub
  • Net profit: 0.8 mln rub
address: 27 Aviatsionnaya str., Salekhard, Yamalo-Nenetsky AD, 629004
phone: +7 (34922) 4-39-10
e-mail: airway@yamal.aero
site: http://yamal.aero

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Articles on Yamal Airlines


Technical issues keep half of Yamal’s Superjet fleet grounded

Russian airline is to expand fleet with A320 family, working on development strategy assisted by Ernst&Young[...]
Yamal Airlines

Yamal Airlines cancels options for 10 Superjet 100s

High maintenance costs has deterred Russia’s second largest SSJ100 operator[...]
StandardAero is a US MRO provider

StandardAero to provide APU servicing for Russia’s S7 Airlines

The US provider will support the Russian carrier’s growing Embraer fleet[...]
The total SSJ100 fleet in operation exceeds 100 units

SSJ100 production rate up in 2017

The Russian manufacturer expects to deliver between 170 and 180 Superjets in the next five years[...]
Yamal Airlines contracted a US MRO provider to care for its APUs

Yamal Airlines finds APU maintenance solution for expanding fleet

The carrier will bring its SSJ100 fleet up to 16 units early next year[...]
Yamal also operates Airbus and Boeing narrowbodies

Yamal Airlines receives another SSJ100

The carrier thus has eight of the type in its fleet[...]
Yamal also operates A320s, 737 Classics, and a mix of regional jets

Yamal Airlines gets ex-Aeroflot A321

The 12.9-year-old airliner has already been painted in the new customer's livery[...]
Yamal Airlines has since been deleted from the government program to subsidize operations to Crimea

Yamal Airlines posts sevenfold profit growth for 2016

The record figure was partially due to government subsidies[...]
Yamal Airlines received six more SSJ 100 jets, leased through government-owned lessor

Yamal sharply expands its SSJ 100 fleet

It received six more Russian-made regional jets, leased through government-owned lessor.[...]
According to the initial plan, the six aircraft were scheduled for delivery to Yamal before the end of the last year

Yamal Airlines to accept six Superjet 100s

The Russian regional carrier expects to take delivery of 13 SSJ 100s before the end of this year[...]
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