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City Yakutsk (7km), Republic of Sakha (Yakutiya)
Local time UTC +9
Coordinates 62°05’13.6″N 129°45’01.7″E
Altitude above sea level +99.5m

Yakutsk Airport, JSC
Approved aircraft types
An-2, -3, -12, -24, -26, -70, -140, -148; Il-62, -76, – 86, -96, -114; Tu-134, -154, -204; Yak-40, -42
Airbus А310, 319, 320; Boeing 737, -747, -757, -767, -777-200; MD-11F and other aircrafts of lower class and all types of helicopters
Designation – dimensions (m) – pavement – ICAO CAT
RWY1 o5R/23L — 3,400×60 – armored concrete – II
RWY2 08R/26L — 2,500×49 – cement concrete – II
Terminal capacity (pax/hour)

International and domestic passenger traffic (thsnd pax)

International and domestic passenger traffic through Yalutsk International Airport in 2005-2015 - Russian Aviation Insider

Top 5 routes from Yakutsk in 2015 (% of total passenger traffic)

Top 5 routes from Yakutsk in 2015 - Russian Aviation News

Address: 10, Airport Sq, Yakutsk, Republic of Sakha (Yakutiya), 677014
Phone: +7 (4112) 49-10-01
E-mail: office@airport-yakutsk.ru
Site: http://yks.aero/

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Articles on Yakutsk Airport

Articles on Yakutsk Airport

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