Vnukovo International Airport

Vnukovo International Airport, Moscow, VKO - Russian Aviation Insider

Vnukovo airport, Moscow, Russia (Photo by Fyodor Borisov / Transport-Photo Images)

City Moscow (28km)
Local time UTC +3/+3
Coordinates 55°35’58.7″N 37°16’16.4″E
Altitude above sea level +208.9m

Vnukovo Airport, JSC
Approved aircraft types
All types
Designation – dimensions (m) – pavement – ICAO CAT
RWY1 06/24 — 3,550×60 – cement concrete – IIIA
RWY2 01/19 — 3,060×45 – asphalt concrete – I/II
Terminal capacity (pax/hour)

International and domestic passenger traffic (thsnd pax)

International and domestic passenger traffic through Vnukovo International Airport (Moscow, VKO) in 2005-2015 - Russian Aviation Insider

Top 5 routes from all Moscow airports (Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo, Vnukovo) in 2015 (% of total passenger traffic)

Five major routes from Moscow airports - Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo, Vnukovo - Russian Aviation Insider

Address: 12, 1st Reysovaya str., Vnukovo, Moscow, 119027
Phone: +7 (495) 436-71-96

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Articles on Vnukovo International Airport

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Sheremetyevo, Russia’s largest airport, saw its traffic grow 19.6%[...]
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The carrier will be flying to Vnukovo with Boeing 737-800s[...]
SCAT Airlines is planning to launch operations to more Russian destinations

SCAT Airlines moving its Moscow flights to Vnukovo

The Kazakh carrier has up to now operated services to Domodedovo[...]
Vnukovo saw its overall passenger traffic grow 31.5% in July

Traffic growth through Vnukovo, Domodedovo slows

Albeit at a slower pace, Vnukovo remains the fastest growing of Moscow's three main airports[...]
Moscow is blessed by three intrnational airports

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Vnukovo is still outperforming its Moscow rivals in traffic growth rate[...]
Traffic at all the three major airports serving Moscow has been growing since late 2016

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Domodedovo's traffic has been demonstrating double-digit growth since April[...]
Moscow's three main airports topped the passenger traffic rating in Q1

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Sheremetyevo remains Russia's busiest airport[...]
Growing passenger numbers at Moscow's three airports indicate overall economic recovery.

Vnukovo traffic growth continues to outpace Moscow competition

International passenger traffic at Vnukovo Airport doubled in February.[...]
International traffic at Moscow Vnukovo airport has almost doubled

Vnukovo passenger traffic up 50% in January

The surge is explained by the rapidly evolving programs of the airport's new base carriers[...]
Development of Aeroflot, Sheremetyevo’s base airline is one of the airport’s key success factors

Sheremetyevo remains Moscow’s only growing airport

Development of Aeroflot, the airport’s base airline, was the key factor behind its success[...]
The largest growth in the number of serviced passengers in November was registered in Vnukovo Airport

Moscow airports increased passenger traffic in November

Domodedovo and Vnukovo showed a traffic growth for the first time in 2016[...]
Private owners of Vnukovo agreed to pledge their shares

Private owners of Vnukovo agreed to pledge their shares

The private stake in Moscow’s third largest airport can now go under the government control[...]
Sheremetyevo continues to demonstrate traffic growth (Photo by Leonid Faerberg /

Sheremetyevo maintains growth in the middle of stagnation

Two other Moscow airports, Domodedovo and Vnukovo, still see their traffic sliding, albeit at a slower rate[...]
The new flight control center in Vnukovo will allow Pobeda to decrease ground handling time for its flights to less than thirty minutes

Pobeda to reduce turnaround rate at Vnukovo

The Russian low-cost carrier has moved its own flight control center to the airport[...]
Russia's largest airport continues to increase its passenger traffic, despite a general decrease at the other airports in Moscow

Sheremetyevo’s traffic continues to increase

Russia's largest airport continues to increase its passenger traffic, despite a general decrease at the other airports in Moscow[...]
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