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Tolmachevo is amajor Siberian airport

Novosibirsk’s Tolmachevo embarks on boosting regional transport infrastructure

The regional hub is getting a railroad connection with the closest rail hub[...]
Cairo is the capital of Egypt

Launch of air services between Moscow, Cairo postponed until April

EgyptAir says it is waiting for a higher seat load factor[...]
Russia expects the other Eurasian Economic Union member states to join the new body

Russia to create international accident investigation agency

The new organization, alternative to the existing Interstate Aviation Committee, may be established at the coming session of the Eurasian Economic Union in April 2018[...]
The MC-21 is to enter service next year

Construction of MC-21 customization center to begin in Russia this year

The facility will create about 100 jobs[...]
Egypt is one of Russians' most popular holiday destinations

First Russian flight serves Egypt following protracted embargo

The bizav operator Sirius Aero was the first to fly to Cairo following the lifting of the ban on air services[...]
The An-2 is a legacy Soviet biplane

Russia to produce all-composite version of legacy An-2 biplane

The TVS-2DTS will be manufactured by Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant for a dedicated Yakutian airline[...]
Pobeda is Russia's only LCC

Pobeda anticipates Russian growth from Cologne Bonn

The LCC’s new link will result in the German airport offering close to 300 flights to Russia this summer[...]
Basel Aero manages a number of Russian airports

Passenger numbers soar 22% at Russia’s Basel Aero-managed southern airports

Over 10 million passengers were welcomed by the company's four hubs last year[...]
Saransk was renovated in the run-up to this summer's FIFA World Cup

Saransk airport handles first scheduled flight following renovation

The domestic terminal has been put into service; the international one is to be inaugurated this May[...]
Tolmachevo is Russia's ninth largest airport by traffic and aircraft movements

Novosibirsk’s Tolmachevo reports 23% traffic surge in January

The number of transfer passengers swelled by 35%[...]
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Key economic indicators

Capital, surface area: Moscow, 17,098,250 sq km


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Aviation authority

Federal Air Transport Agency

Russian air transport statistics

Passengers carried by Russian airlines in 2004-2016 - Russian Aviation Insider

Key performance indicators for Russian civil aviation, by type of service

Sources: Russian Transport Clearing House, Federal Air Transport Agency.

Top Russian international routes by passenger numbers carried

* The figures are for the total number of passengers carried in both directions within each city pair. The “from-to” directions given in the table had the higher number of passengers carried in 2016.

Source: Russian Transport Clearing House.

Top Russian domestic routes by passenger numbers carried

* The figures are for the total number of passengers carried in both directions within each city pair. The “from-to” directions given in the table had the higher number of passengers carried in 2016.

Source: Russian Transport Clearing House.

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Major airlines

Because of the economic slowdown, the number of Russian commercial airlines decreased from 389 companies registered in 1996 to 113 in 2016. This dramatic reduction is a direct reflection of market consolidation and the government’s policy to raise barriers for new players entering the air transport market. The airline assets controlled by the federal government are merged into the Aeroflot Group. Other local carriers are either privately owned or controlled by regional authorities.

After the demise in late 2015 of Transaero, Russia’s second largest airline, the local market has been dominated principally by the Aeroflot Group and several other large players comprising S7 Group (which includes S7 Airlines and Globus), as well as UTair and Ural Airlines.  Currently, the top-10 Russian airlines control 80% of the Russian market (see the diagram below), whilst foreign airlines carried less than 10 per cent of overall passenger numbers – or 28% of passengers on international routes to/from Russia in 2015.

Russian airlines’ market shares 2016

The market shares are calculated by passengers carried on international and domestic routes


Russian airlines statistics section contains detailed data on the number of passengers carried, passenger kilometers accomplished and passenger load factors for the leading Russian airlines between 2005 and 2016.

Major airlines’ company profiles

Provided below is the list of major airlines by passengers carried on international and domestic routes in 2016. Each airline profile contains information on the base airports, fleet, number of passengers carried (YOY since 2005), contacts and list of articles.

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Major airports

As of the beginning of 2016, Russia had 254 civil airfields and heliports, including 74 operating international airports. Of this total, 178 airports have paved runways, 76 are unpaved. 31  are certified for ICAO Cat I landings, 10 more for Cat II landings and only three – Moscow’s Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo and Vnukovo – for Cat III landing capabilities.

Major airports’ company profiles

Provided below is the list of major Russian international airports by passengers served in 2016. Each airport profile contains general information on the airport, data on runways, approved aircraft types, number of passengers served (YOY since 2005), contacts and list of articles.

Open sky agreements

  • Vladivostok – since Autumn 2011
  • Kaliningrad – since Summer 2015
  • Saint-Petersburg – negotiations are in progress


Russian airports statistics section contains detailed data on the number of passengers and freight tonnages carried through Russia’s top airports between 2005 and 2016.

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