Red Wings

A Tupolev Tu-204-100 of Red Wings is seen taxiing at Vnukovo airport

A Tupolev Tu-204-100 of Red Wings is seen taxiing at Vnukovo airport. (Photo by Leonid Faerberg/Transport-Photo Images)

Base airports
Moscow (Domodedovo, Vnukovo)
8: Tu-204-100 (3), Tu-204-100B (2), Tu-204-100B-04 (2), Tu-214 (1)
Passengers served in 2015-2005
red wings passengers carried 2008-2015
address: 19 Zavodskoye Highway, Moscow, 119027
phone: +7 (495) 212-1251 (24/7)

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Articles on Red Wings

Earlier, Red Wings returned its only Tu-214 to the lessor

Red Wings phases out two Tupolev Tu-204s

The manufacturer failed to extend the airliners' service life[...]
Red Wings and Nordavia have been cooperating for some time now

Russia's Red Wings, Nordavia to merge

The two airlines' stakeholders will create a single holding structure[...]
Red Wings is planning to take on MC-21s and more A320s

Red Wings returns Tu-214 to lessor

The Tupolev used to fly for now-defunct Transaero Airlines[...]
Red Wings is planning to eventually replace its Airbuses and Tupolevs with Irkut MC-21 narrowbodies

Red Wings receives fifth A320 family airliner

The carrier is expecting delivery of yet another A320 in the near future[...]

Red Wings looking to reach profitability in 2017

Russian-made Tu-204s currently constitute the core of the carrier's fleet[...]
Red Wings is planning to eventually replace its Tupolev and Airbus airliners with Irkut MC21s

Red Wings receives its first foreign-built aircraft

The carrier is planning to add five more A320-family airliners to its fleet (Ilya Martemyanov)[...]
Red Wings views the A321 as an interim type in its fleet in the run-up to the beginning of Irkut MC-21 deliveries

First Airbus A321 readied for delivery to Red Wings

The aircraft has already been painted in the carrier's livery[...]
The government's initative could see Red Wings Airlines responsible for promoting SSJ 100 airliners across Russia

Russian government has SSJ100 plans for Red Wings

The carrier is viewed as a possible base for promoting the type to Russia's regions[...]
IrAero is planning to use its SSJ100s on routes inside Russia and to Southeast Asia

IrAero takes delivery of fifth SSJ100

The new aircraft is fitted out in a single-class 100-seat configuration[...]
Red Wings to mix all-Russian fleet with A321s

Red Wings to mix all-Russian fleet with A321s

The airline is expected to replace them with Russia’s new MC-21 airliners in two years[...]
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