Pobeda Airlines

The Boeing 737-800 of the lowcost Pobeda Airlines in the air (Photo by Leonid Faerberg / Transport-Photo Images)

The Boeing 737-800 of the lowcost Pobeda Airlines in the air (Photo by Leonid Faerberg / Transport-Photo Images)

Base airports
Moscow (Vnukovo)
Boeing 737-800 (12)
Passengers served in 2015
address: 4, 22km Kiev Highway, Moscow, 142784
phone: +7 (499) 215-2300
e-mail: feedback@pobeda.aero
site: http://www.pobeda.aero

Articles on Pobeda Airlines

Russia's only low-cost carrier’s fleet grows to 18 aircraft

Russia's only low-cost carrier’s fleet grows to 18 aircraft

Pobeda takes delivery of its latest factory-fresh Boeing 737-800
Pobeda Airlines is eyeing Pulkovo

Pulkovo commits to cutting Pobeda turnaround times to 25 minutes

Russia's only LLC is eyeing St. Petersburg as its second hub
Aeroflot Group comprises four airlines

Aeroflot Group revises forecast for traffic, fleet expansion upward

The group expects to have its combined fleet boosted to nearly 350 airframes by the end of the year
Aeroflot Group remained profitable in 2017

Aeroflot Group remained profitable in 2017

... but affiliated carrier Rossiya Airlines suffered a loss
Pobeda is Russia's only LCC

Pobeda anticipates Russian growth from Cologne Bonn

The LCC’s new link will result in the German airport offering close to 300 flights to Russia this summer
Pobeda Airlines expects to have expanded its 737-800 fleet to 20 units by year-end

Pobeda LCC to triple number of regional flights this summer

Planned route network and fleet expansion measures should play a part
Antalya is among the most popular leisure destinations for Russian travelers

More designated carriers to fly between Moscow, Antalya

The weekly frequency will thus reach seven flights
Pobeda will also get some 737s from sister company Aeroflot

Pobeda Airlines gets two new Boeing 737-800s

They became another step in the fleet expansion of Russia's only low cost carrier.
Aeroflot Group is planning to bring its total fleet up to 350 airframes in 2018

Aeroflot Group mulling large order for Boeing, Airbus narrowbodies

Russia's flag carrier will stick to having both types in its fleet
Boeing has seen a flurry of aircraft orders from Russian carriers

INTERVIEW: Sanctions “continuous anxiety factor” - Boeing International vice-president

Sergey Kravchenko speaks of his company's cooperation with the Russian aerospace industry and stresses the need for more low-fares airlines in the country
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